Endesa take over bid

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Gas Natural said the combined cash-stock offer of The future of Endesa was finally decided in the course of meetings at the highest level, instead of granting this decisive power to its shareholders.

Overview[ edit ] In publicly held companies, "poison pills" refer to various methods to deter takeover bids.

Spanish gas supplier launches Endesa takeover bid

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In combination with a staggered board of directorshowever, a shareholder rights plan can be a defense.

Shareholder rights plan

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The target takes on large debts in an effort to make the debt load too high to be attractive—the acquirer would eventually have to pay the debts. Furthermore, the company is anticipating that a world energy crisis will boost the price of oil and its by-products to record highs.

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Raids have helped bidders win targets such as BAA plc and AWG plc when other bidders were considering emerging at higher prices.

Spain: Grupo Gas Natural launches takeover bid for Endesa

Other takeover defenses[ edit ] Poison pill is sometimes used more broadly to describe other types of takeover defenses that involve the target taking some action.

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Mar 26,  · FRANKFURT — clientesporclics.com, the German utility that is fighting to salvage its proposed takeover of the Spanish utility Endesa, raised its bid by 3 percent Monday to about $ billion, but Endesa's two biggest shareholders said they would team up to make an even higher offer.

A shareholder rights plan, colloquially known as a "poison pill", is a type of defensive tactic used by a corporation's board of directors against a clientesporclics.comlly, such a plan gives shareholders the right to buy more shares at a discount if one shareholder buys a.

Attention has been focused on the political aspects of Gas Natural’s hostile takeover bid for Endesa. But the deal also makes strategic sense, and the synergies from a linkup would likely benefit the shareholders of both companies.

As a result many think that clientesporclics.com is a ‘Trojan horse’ from Endesa in order to resist the Gas Natural takeover bid. After a harsh battle with Spanish, EC and American jurisdictions (Endesa is quoted on the American stock market), and in Brussels in the face of clientesporclics.com bids, Gas Natural gave up the fight on 2 February.

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Electric vehicle network

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Endesa take over bid
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