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I have tremendous respect for Bill and what he has tried to do in getting this information out to the public. What determines what you get to see is your need to know, and the job that you have determines what your need to know is. Cummings and Rosegarten related their conclusions of the Fort Monmouth incident: Anyone can see that we do not have a satisfactory answer to the saucer question.

The official report read that the boy had run off and was lost in the forest which bordered the farm. Lovette was continued for 3 days at the end of which his nude body was found approximately 10 miles downrange. Also there were autopsy reports of various human mutilations.

I had no telephone number for Bill. At one point, a head was removed from the body and photographed and autopsy was performed on head. I must stress at this point that the Grudge Chapter 13 version seen was annotated. When the father got to the field he saw his son being carried away by what looked like little men, into this huge fiery looking object.

The nd AISS was assigned the task of investigating only the most important UFO cases with intelligence or national security implications.

The mother was in shock and had to go through a great deal of psychotherapy and deprogramming as did father. Decades after the United States Air Force closed their official investigations into the UFO phenomenon, the files are now online in their entirety for free on projectbluebook.

Major Cunningham described what appeared to be a long snake-like object which was wrapped around the sergeant's legs and was dragging him to the craft. He had been emasculated and his eyes had been removed. In many cases these people experienced physical ailments from exposure to various types of radiation.

The initial autopsy report confirmed that the system had been completely drained of blood and that there was no vascular collapse due to death by bleeding. Some notes on the practical applications of the Worst Nemo equations. They could only theorize in report because there was no xenobiology.

It is further recommended that pertinent collection directives be revised to reflect the contemplated change in policy. When they got out on the porch one of the dogs broke loose from leash beside house and came running around front.

This hypothesis was ultimately rejected by high-ranking officers, and Project Sign was dissolved and replaced by Project Grudge. Photos thereafter concerned specific areas of internal organs of what appeared as small cluster of multi-valve heart or at least two hearts within the cadaver. There has been no evidence indicating the sightings categorized as "unidentified" are extraterrestrial vehicles.

More detailed statistics can be found at Identified flying objects. Clark, In response at least "for appearances sake" according to Clark ibid.


They did not give a location name but they did give grid coordinates for that area. Even today, it represents the largest such study ever undertaken.

Boy began chasing it into the open field. The speeds indicated were absolutely phenomenal. We walked outside and he introduced himself as Bill English. I obtained this handwritten memorandum in August of from Paul Bennewitz during my visit with him in Albuquerque.

He asked if I wanted to have a drink. It also dealt with alien bodies and autopsy reports, autopsy type photographs, high quality, color, 8x10, 5x7.


One way that Gregory reduced the number of unexplained UFOs was by simple reclassification. The statistical methods employed by Blue Book are nothing less than a travesty.

THE GRUDGE-BLUE BOOK INCIDENTS Contained in the Missing Chapter (13) of the Grudge Report as they were revealed to John Lear by William English.

Project Blue Book is regarded as the third UFO investigation project by the USAF. The first was Project Sign, which began inthen Grudge, which ran from toand the final project, Blue Book, ran from to A series of PROJECT GRUDGE/BLUE BOOK reports have been released over the years in connection with the USAF’s investigation into UFO’s which was supposedly terminated with the release of the Condon report in the late ’s.

the missing project grudge-blue book report CHAPTER 13 Many nights I go outside of my home into the yard where I look up through the clear, crisp, desert night, to look at the bright stars and wonder. [Project Grudge/Blue Book Report 13] gave clear indication of reports of human mutilations.

Most notable was a case witnessed by Air Force personnel in which an Air Force Sgt E-6 by the name of Jonathan P Lovette was observed being taken captive aboard what appeared to be a UFO at the White Sands missile test range in New Mexico.

Entire Grudge 13 Report was written as if The information that John Lear related here is correct as far as the material concerning Grudge/Blue Book Report #

Grudge blue book report 13
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