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Doug has an actually cool friend named Andy Morrow who plays soccer and buys him Butterfingers. Character Body First Draft Worksheets: America confronts Kriss about this and Kriss tells her that at first she was in the Selection because she was a rebel, but then adds that when Maxon and America were fighting after Marlee 's caning, she saw a chance to get close to Maxon and she fell in love with him.

After another attack from the rebels that leads to three of the Selected leaving, Prince Maxon decides that he will narrow down the girls from ten to six, calling them The Elite.

Perhaps her malevolence toward Harry springs from an earlier resentment of her sister. During a date with Maxon, he takes her up to the roof of the palace, where they both get wet under the rain and share secrets with each other.

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She promises to herself that if Maxon survives, she will allow him to call her "my dear. At the End of the Book Describe what your character was like at the end of the book. Instead, focus on the main sequence of events. Students will also need construction paper to make the character's head, hands, and feet.

She happily accepts his proposal. On my first draft worksheets, I have designed the writing line spaces to match the spaces allotted on the final draft character body book report templates.

Who are the characters of Elsewhere by Gabrielle Zevin?

There is also a bunch of stuff about snails and comic books. The first thing that happens in Godless is that Jason gets clocked by a guy named Henry, who is smaller than him. What is the author saying about the topic.

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Before it happens though, a guard arrives, announcing to America about her father's death, due to a heart attack. Rubeus Hagrid is a well-meaning creature with more kindness than brains.

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They came back with the camp to burrow your treasure. One is the highest caste and contains people like royalty, while Eight is the lowest caste and contains the poorest people who do not have means of employment.

Most hold scientific tests start with the basic important info regarding the arrange: Though he is a famous wizard, Dumbledore is as humble and adorable as his name suggests. America shares with Maxon her plan about the tea party: Analyze the plot, using examples from the book to support your analysis.

America asks the help of Aspen to get her and Maxon to meet August. Without the additional body parts, the main part of this project measures 18 inches in width and 12 inches in height. Like when Shayne takes on this pro wrestler named The Claw. For each of the book report sets that are available on Unique Teaching Resources, I try to design some extra bulletin board accent pieces that will help you to decorate your classroom bulletin board display that features your students' book report projects.

This main character project contains directions on how to fold a piece of construction paper into a body shape. I hope that your students enjoy creating these unique main character projects too. Did the book hold your interest. Maxon gives as a present to America a set of earrings and a matching bracelet.

What activity would you like to do with this character if you met him or her. The actual directions worksheets not shown are split up into 8 steps and there are graphical images provided for each step. To make this character unique, one of my students designed his project to have a hairy beard, Mr.

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This main character body book report project is designed so that each writing section is glued onto the shirt and vest area of the character's body. In addition to the main project that is described above, I have my students write a letter to the main characters in their books.

At the Beginning of the Book Describe what your character was like at the beginning of the book. Also, there is this weird guy named Boggs, but I have no idea what his deal was. To make this character unique, Violet is chewing gum and she is holding a golden ticket in one hand and a stick of chewing gum in her other hand.

Annoying and loud, Dudley manipulates parental love to get what he wants—his outrageous desires for multiple television sets foreshadow the important scenes involving the Mirror of Erised and the wrongful desire for eternal life that motivates Voldemort. The character's body has a vest that opens up to show the shirt area, where students glue their longer writing sections see the Charlie Bucket example above.

It is impossible to tell you the measurements of this book report project because each student designs their own head, hands, legs, and feet for their characters.

Having any kind of romantic relationship with someone other than the prince during the competition is considered treason, and the punishment for treason can be as severe as death. Maxon admits that he and America still argue sometimes, although this has died down a lot.

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Book Report/Literature Response Ideas You will use creativity, art, proper grammar, punctuation, spelling and literary differences between the book's main character and yourself!) Make sure to include the title of the book, author, and the Here is an unusual and creative way to present your book report.

Think of how you can use a book. The end result of book report alternatives, such as the one explored in this lesson plan is that the activities "whet the interest of students in exploring new directions and in responding with greater depth to the books they read" (Mitchell 92).

character traits of malala Malala, is the central character of the book. She is intelligent and more ambitious, as compared to other girls in the society that she lives in.

May 06,  · The One is the third book in The Selection Series and the last book in the main trilogy by Kiera Cass, preceded by The Elite, then The Selection. It was released on May 6, It is the last book in America's point of view. Directions: Character Body Book Report Unique Teaching Resources ©All Rights Reserved 4.

Glue the arms (sections 5 and 8) to the back of the. PUMPKIN’BOOKREPORT’AND’CHARACTERS:TAKE’HOME’PROJECT’ DUE:’October’28,’!!!!!! PumpkinBookReportsandCharactersareafun 6filledactivityforthewhole.

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